The aims of FACT Card UK are to:

Provide a ‘litigant in person’ challenge card to end cannabis related charges.

Provide opportunity for Police to perform due diligence.

FACT Card UK’s primary aim is to provide a collective defence to The People.

We The Undersigned and Seed Our Future have both fully supported the foundation of this website, creation of the card and collation of the evidence with the aim of contesting the injustice, to either raise funds for judicial reviews or support litigants in person who are contesting the charges.

As we are against financial discrimination, we have created a free download version to remove all financial barriers to the information provided.

A limited number of funded FACT Cards will also me made available printed on hemp to purchase for those who are able to support the cause.

We hope any monies raised from this funded version, along with continued informed civil disobedience, in combination with contesting the charges will contribute to the end of cannabis prohibition.

For those who can afford it, there currently exists no financial barrier to access cannabis legally.

We disagree with this financial discrimination so release the card & evidence, free to everyone, as we aim to liberate even the poorest person.

FACT Card was not created with the aim of making money, but of empowering folks to challenge the charges, instead of pleading guilty, or to try to mitigate sentencing.

These cards will highlight the urgent need for cannabis legislation and Judicial process reforms in the UK, whilst creating the opportunity for the defence bundles to be presented before the courts and juries, creating the opportunity for jury nullification.

Funded supporter cards will be available on line ASAP we will update as we proceed, your patience is appreciated.

Many thanks FACT Card UK team