Declaration of non Criminal Intent

To whom it may concern,

This document is a Declaration of Non-criminal Intent in pursuit of my best health, wellbeing and happiness, whilst causing no harm to others, which is in response to the current discriminatory situation of ‘medical cannabis’ being legal on expensive private prescription, but denied by NHS guidelines and financially unavailable to the majority, for many of whom cannabis is an essential medicine, and a currently denied basic human right.

The intention of this document is detailing my Non Criminal Intent in respect to the 1971 Misuse Of Drugs Act; this sets out my acceptance of the alledged medical risks versus potential benefits of using cannabis to maintain homeostasis naturally, through nourishing my endocannabinoid system with natural phytocannabinoids.

Furthermore, this document seeks to clarify my right to the autonomy of health and to choose to access my body’s preferred herbal health remedy/food supplement/non-toxic recreational drug/ spiritual/creative aide, as I have determined best for myself.

Moreover, in light of the fact that the United Nations and the World Health Organisation have confirmed the absence of foundation evidence for the politically motivated schedule 1 status of cannabis and the politically conflicted interests of significant British parliamentarians who deny democratic discourse, I must hereby remove all consent to be governed by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, and all subsequent amendments, as an Act invalid from the start cannot be made valid by any subsequent Acts.

Consequently, I cannot abide by an Act of Parliament that would harm my health, wellbeing and happiness were I to do so.

Yours truly,

Fact card holder