Welcome to Fact Card.

This website aims to provide a background information resource for cardholders to inform themselves about the injustice of cannabis prohibition hoping to contest the unjust laws by presenting a well evidenced defence in person.

It also aims to provide an information resource and opportunity for any police officer to exercise their responsibility of performing their due diligence before interacting with the cardholder with unjust prejudice.

The card available to download on this website is a Declaration of Non-Criminal Intent, to have in your possession, prior to any police encounter relating to your cannabis practices.

This forms the basis of the suggested defence that, as cannabis consumers or cultivators, we are not criminals nor should we be criminalised for our actions of cultivating or utilising an useful plant.

The comprehension of the arguments and maintenance of innocence may be the best method to contest the charges, to make no comment, to place the burden of proof upon the Crown Prosecution Service and taking the case to court with our Non-Criminal Intent and their lack of foundation evidence to challenge the law as our defence for trial.